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Youtube prep videos

 Have you ever searched for "home preparedness" on YouTube? There are a lot of videos! Who has time to sort through all the content to find the ones that are informative? 

Well yours truly has taken the time to find the best ones. Some may be redundant but these are for the first timers, the newbies to our pack. These will be listed first, so if you're looking for more advanced prepping, scroll down. New videos will be added as I view and sort through incoming material. If you are looking for a specific prepping idea, send me an email or leave a comment in the FNN forum, and I'll do my best to find what your looking for. I'm always seeking prep ideas and new prep products, so if you have one, send it along -cottontop

Basic Prepping


Time-9:45, this video is set to a nice classical song. Relax and start making your plans.


Time-7:29, this video is entitled "Mormom Women Teach Food Storage pt. 1."

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